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Grant Applications

Nativescape can assist with applications or administer the entire grant process for your ecological restoration project. We can help develop local partnering, create educational aspects and complete all reporting needed for project completion. We have a successful track record of accepted applications and completed projects.

This proposal is for Nativescape LLC to assist Friends of the Canard River develop the Canard River Shoreline Restoration project. This would entail assisting and working with the Friends of the Canard River and ERCA on the project to developing a concept plan with a project description and budget. This package can then be used in the next steps of the project. The next steps, which are not part of this contract, would be to determine potential funding sources, assist to solicit potential partners and applying for all additional funding sources to complete the project.

The goals of a natural design are to create a stable, naturally landscaped project that is aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance, uses Essex County native species and is in compliance with local and federal regulations. This plan would be developed to fit into existing ecological initiatives in the area so that all potential funding sources could be sought.

We can design the premier and state of the art Canard River Shoreline Restoration project that is integrated into a beautiful natural area and provides inspiration for further restoration efforts.  Traditional and native landscaping will blend to provide an inviting demonstration of how a concrete shoreline can be restored to a more natural state. A native buffer will beautify the space with colorful plants and flowers that improve water quality by buffering stormwater runoff into the Canard River.  Uplands will mimic the local native ecosystems that once thrived in the region increasing infiltration and preventing erosion. Nativescape’s professional team offers a full ecological restoration package to complete design and construction services.




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