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Ecological Consultation

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Wetland Delineations and Determinations, Grosse Ile Township

Performed delineations and "Degree of Wetness" of wetlands on a number of properties for development and other projects. Work consisted of map interpretation, site surveys, boundary determination, historical research, flagging, plant identification, and report of findings to agency personnel. GIS mapping is used in some circumstances with a dramatic reduction of overall costs.

Environmental Impact Statements, Grosse Ile Township

Performed investigations and research to determine the potential impact of development projects on local ecosystems. Work consists of plant inventory, map interpretation, wildlife surveys, Floristic Quality Assessments, aquatic invertebrate sampling and identification, historical record research, and the report of findings to agency personnel.

Threatened and Endangered Species Survey, City of Gibraltar

Conducted inspections of sites in a public park and on private land to determine the presence of threatened and endangered species, The Michigan Natural Features Inventory are notified of any T & E presence, this is done with client approval.

Wetland Monitoring, Nativescape, ASTI

Performed monitoring for many mitigated wetlands that compensated for construction projects. Work consisted of plant and animal surveys, site inventories, aquatic invertebrate sampling and identification, and annual reports of progress to agency personnel.

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