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Wildlife Habitat Master Plan

DTE Energy – River Rouge Power Plant

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Nativescape developed Wildlife Habitat Master Plans for DTE Energy’s River Rouge Power Plant and Monroe Power Plant. The objective of this plan is to create multifunctional landscapes with a LID low impact development approach. Using all Michigan native plant communities, rain gardens, green roofs, green rails and pervious pavements the plan will accomplish a number of goals within each management unit.

The map shows the locations of the management units. The plan book describes each unit and the potential BMPs or best management practices for each unit, and provide a general budget to be used for project budgeting proposes only. Recommended plant species lists use all Michigan native plants that are found in the Detroit River watershed according to presettlement vegetation research. The metric goals for DTE Energy at all their power plant locations follow.

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Environmental metrics covered in these plans are:

  • Fugitive dust control
  • Stormwater treatment and management
  • Waste water treatment and management
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Wildlife metrics and other goals covered in these plans are:

  • Create wildlife habitat areas
  • Create nectar producing areas for butterflies and hummingbirds
  • Increase visual aesthetics of the plant property
  • Screen areas of the plant
  • Reduce open ground and increase cooling effect
  • Water quality preservation
  • Create migratory bird habitat
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